Welcome to Project Warfare (PW), a multi-gaming clan driven by friends and meeting new members. We understand that life, takes work, and adult takes time to do and the very last thing you want to do is deal with more drama and work when really you wanted to play some games. PW offers a place away from all that and just free time to play a game without the stress of doing admin work hours on end and never really getting to play. Our simple rules are to make sure everyone has a great time here but if you do have any questions are concerns please bring them to a Lead or higher.

Project Warfare Code Of Conduct


Respect everyone, regardless of title.


Be proud to be a part of something bigger than the game.


Feel good about yourself. Learn from your mistakes.


Always go above and beyond the call for your clan, your team, and your squad.


Honor the efforts of everyone, because anyone can make a difference.

I. Member Eligibility & Requirements

Project Warfare members are selected based on their behavior, dedication to the clan, and how well they fit into the clan’s value. We pride ourselves in being a diverse clan and accept players of any race or nationality. You may be asked to join by a current clan member, or you may wish to apply on your own behalf. All new members and friends are welcome here, regardless if your joining the clan.

1.1 Age

While the majority of members are 16+ we always consider and encourage all applicants to apply

1.2 Timezone

Potential members, please note that we operate in accordance to North American Time Zones. This may present a problem for international players.

1.3 Discord

Our clan utilizes Discord to communicate with each other. Discord voice channels are required when playing a PW game (how else will you talk to us). Not only is Discord used to help each other during games, but also for clan meetings. Some channels on our Discord server require Push-to-Talk in order to communicate. These channels are labeled with (PTT). It is wise that you set up a Push-to-Talk hotkey for these channels.

*All rules under section “Member Rules” article “Maturity” apply on Discord.

1. Please have “common sense” when using Discord.
                 a. Keep eating while communicating to a minimum, or use a Push-to-Talk key.
                 b. Do not play loud or obnoxious noises through your microphone.
                 c. Do not spam chat, abuse tagging, commands, or channel joining.
                 d. Do not overtalk/interrupt an ongoing conversation between members (aka read the channel before talking)
2. Try to keep the topic game related when members are playing.
3. Use a name that exactly matches or closely resembles your primary in-game screen name(helps friend invites easier)
4. No spamming self-promotion 
                 a. Public Members are NOT allowed to spam post links advertising them·selves or others to include streaming, social media, community, or other clans 
5. No advertising allowed 
                 a. No personal advertising (recruiting messages, or billboard style messages) allowed, a game related advertisement is ok, do not spam.

1.4 Multi-Clanning

Multi-Clanning is not allowed. Joining another clan while a part of Project Warfare that competes with PW will result in being released from the clan. If we offer the game, being part of another clan of that game is not allowed. If a game is not offered, it is ok, but we suggest bringing the idea to the board.

1.5 Activity Upon Recruitment

Activity, with any clan, is an absolute must. That being said, every member from the basic member to the CEO must stay active on discord and in game. We require members to be active in voice channel once a month as well as have chatted within that same period. If you are going to be gone longer than a month or unable to stay active, our LOA (leave of absence) will excuse you for being gone/inactive. You can find our LoA (Must be logged in to access) on the website under about us. This informs The Board you are going to be gone and we won’t remove you by accident.

1.6 Posing as Project Warfare Member

No public playing member of the server shall pose themselves as a -PW- clan member. This is considered a serious violation of your privilege to play on our server and will be handled with an immediate ban from our servers.

II.Member Rules

2.1 Hacking

Project Warfare members must have a clean record from hacking/cheating. Hacking is grounds for dismissal from the clan and its servers without notice. This is a zero-tolerance policy.

Hacking includes hardware or software that is not supported by the game which gives a player a definitive advantage over others. 
b. EA Battlefield 1 servers use FairFight to combat hacking. FairFight is the server-side anti-cheat system used in Battlefield 1 and other EA games to help keep online play safe and fair for everyone. In some instances, a player will be kicked by FairFight with: “Stated reason: 1 Week Suspension – LvL3 Monitoring Active #o3Z82z”. If a Project Warfare player receives this, they will be put on probation for no less than 3 weeks (21 days)

2.2 Maturity

All members are expected to conduct themselves in a mature manner. We are all adults and should act as such. Adult natured language and joking is all good, but has its limits.

1. Foul language on Discord is tolerated.
a. Excessive foul language will result in a kick from the Discord server.
b. On Discord, some members play through a desktop speaker setup, so please be considerate.
2. Foul and abusive language will not be tolerated via chat on our game servers.
a. Excessive foul language will result in a kick from our game servers.
3. Racist/Racial natured comments will not be tolerated.
a. Members found guilty of using Racist/Racial natured comments will be subject to disciplinary action/sanctions.
4. Sexist/Sexual nature comments will not be tolerated.
a. Members found guilty of using Sexist/Sexual natured comments will be subject to disciplinary action/sanctions.
5. Political/Religious nature topics will not be tolerated.
a. Members found guilty of starting Political/Religious natured topics will be subject to disciplinary action/sanctions.
6. Flaming other members of the community will not be tolerated.
a. Members found guilty of Flaming other members of the community will be subject to disciplinary action/sanctions.
7. Bashing other members of the clan or the clan its self will not be tolerated. 
a. Members are not to bash other members of the clan
b. Be proud of the clan you are in. Don’t bash the clan or rules

2.3 Game Nominations

Any member can request the board to vote upon a game to be added to the vanguard division. If approved, the vanguard leader will help get the game up and going. After hitting 20 active members for the game. It becomes a full-fledged Project Warfare game.

2.4 Promotion Policy

Our promotion policy is based on individual activity and overall clan performance. Kills will not get you promoted. Often times, leads will recognize their members for all actions clan related, in, or out of a game and recommend them for a promotion or award. Promotions are something to congratulate other members on achieving, not show jealousy and the “it should have been me” mentality.

III. Donations/Server Payments/MISC

3.1 Donations/Server Payments/MISC

Donations are accepted by anyone who wishes to contribute to the clan servers (website, game servers, prizes). Donations are greatly appreciated, however this does not imply that the donor will advance in the clan nor necessarily get accepted into the clan. Project Warfare may implement special levels or services for people who contribute to the servers. Contributions should only be made for the well-being of the clan and not for personal gain. Project Warfare funding will be handled appropriately by Project Warfare Leadership. Further, all Project Warfare expenses and funding will remain public knowledge and will be reported monthly by leadership in efforts to maintain transparency.

These rules can be changed or altered at any time by the clan. It is up to every member of Project Warfare to know these rules.

If you feel that a new guideline to our COC measures needs to be implemented, please leave your suggestions by opening a discussion in our request/feedback forum thread.

IV. Exception to Policy (ETP)

4.1 RPG-MMO – Guild Wars 2

1. No Age Restriction
a. Members joining PW from guild wars are exempt from the age requirements

2. Time Zone Restriction
a. Members joining PW from guild wars are exempt from the timezone requirements

3. Application process 
a. Members joining PW from guild wars are allowed to join a mmo without first placing an application in, however, must fill out an application, to become an official member of Project Warfare.

4.2 RPG-shooter – Destiny 2

1. Game Time requirement 
a. Members joining PW from Destiny 2 are required to play the game at least once every 7 (reset days) and been in discord voice channel. MUST BE IN DISCORD VOICE CHANNEL WHEN PLAYING